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Phyllis flew in from Texas with her husband Gary to be the guest of honor for the celebration of her 60th birthday. Joyce graciously hosted us at her Easton, MD home.  The marvelous weather, great food and drink and incomparable company made for an unforgettable day.  Thanks to all for coming. See you next time.

In attendance

Phyllis & Gary McGaughy Hank Rudolph Joyce DeLaurentis Barbara & Marvin McAllister
Bud & Theo Palumbo Bob & Pat Palumbo Ang & Doe Andreacola Joe & Claudette DeLaurentis
Rosalind DeLaurentis      

Joe gave out the picture of grand mom Filomena taken by his dad at Aunt Marie’s house on Memorial Day 1964.  He reminded Hank that both both of their Parent’s were married on Memorial day since almost all the family owned businesses and would be closed so all could attend(as opposed to the commercial onslaught of today).  Hank remembered being there are Aunt Marie’s and hearing a wedding party go by honking their horns.  He said, “Now I know why my mom turned to Aunt Rose and said’ who’d get married on Memorial Day?’“

Hank remembered sailing his Sunfish with Joe in bad weather andthe boat  flipping resulting in both of them loosing their glasses to the bottom of the bay.  How did they ever get home in our half-blinded state?  Luckily, Hank’s vision was not as bad as mine Joe's.

Phyllis related to Claudette how her mom and dad did not want any children when they got married.  We know that Harry and Adeline’s love for each other was great but who at that time wanted to bring a child into the world coming out The Depression and entering WWII.  Uncle Edward could not come to their wedding since he was drafted and sent off to the army before the wedding.  See the pictures on his web page with Adeline and Filomena taken before the wedding.  Phyllis has the distinction of being one of the first baby boomers arising from the collective joy, relief, and hope following the end of WWII and the safe return of Uncle Edward and millions of other men and women, including my father.