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1st Birthday party


Julia's Baptism

Julia's Baptism




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Annabel & Julia visit March    Easter & Lisa's BD     Father's Day in New Freedom       Annabel Toasts in OC   Beach Scenes OC     Julia at Beach       Julia indoors OC    Annabel with boogy board     Happy Birthday in OC    Julia's 1st Birthday    Julia's 1st BD 2    Julia's Baptism    Julia dance    Christmas presents  Time lapse Pasta Making

Annabelisms from OC: After the buzzer of the clothes dryer startled her from her sleep Linda trying to calm her down asked her to think about happy things to which Annabel instantly replied "sprinkles, fireworks". "The ocean is wavy". "I'm hicking up". "I have a surprise for you". To Lisa, "I peed in the ocean". Who let you do that? Lisa asked. Annabel in a hushed voice "pop pop". At Julia's 1st birthday party pop pop asked what Annabel what kind of sickness she had just gotten over to which Annabel replied "normal sickness".