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Salem Radiology Associates at The Memorial Hospital of Salem County


I spent the majority of my days from July 1,1984 to April 7,2006 in the radiology department at The Memorial Hospital of Salem County.  I was very lucky to work with many dedicated people to administer to the needs of our patients. Many were friends and confidants. We could share the joys and sorrows of our lives. I miss you all. This page is a thank you to all. Missing: Kim Atkins, Laurie Moore, Kathy Loatman, and many more. Send me pictures to post.

Pash & Galvin

Pash & Mrs Beever Pash's Retirement party 12/88

Marylynn & Pash

Gene Staub & Norton

Jim & Joann

Pash & Larry Owen(party organizer)

Pash & Toni Ball(poet)

Dr. Owen's retirment 4/96

LBO & Toni

Jo Ann & Larry






Billie Jean,Kim,?,Sharon,Racheal,?

Sherry,Kim,Sandie,Carol,Diane,Nicole Rappa,Toni Ball

Dr. Haney's 50th

Kim, Jen, BJ, Dr. Haney

Dr. D. & Dr. Haney

Dr. Carter & Dr. Haney

Jim's 50th Ed & Jim

Last Day 4/6/2006 Mike, Dr. Lockwood, Betsy

Mike & Best

Dr Haney, Dr Lookwood & Joe

Betsy & Vickie

Sandie, Crystal & Tricia

Lori & Jen

Drs. Haney, Owen & DeLaurentis

Christine ,Tricia & Brandi

Dee & her crew

Michell & Charity 4/6/2006

Heidi, Trudy ,Nickie ,Jen & Tina

Party for Jim & Joe by techs 5/26/2006

Drs. Haney Carter & DeLaurentis


Reunion 6/11/2023