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Born Leanilda Assunta Filomena D'Aurizio February 3,1882 to Gaetano D'Aurizio and Rosalinda DiCesare in Ari the town next to Giuliano. An arranged marriage to Ciriaco Palumbo on April 19, 1897 in Giuliano Teatino. The marriage was witnessed by Giovanni Riciutti who I assume must be Ciriaco's half brother.

When Ernestine returned to Giuliano in the 1960's, the woman in town remembered Filomena. Ernie said "mamma was  a seamstress (filitrice), she used to sow for people. She used to sow shirts for men and dresses. When I went back to Italy, the people who remembered mom who were young girls said 'how I cried when your mother came to America. When your mother came to America she had cut my petticoat. When anything came fancy there your mother was the first one to do it for herself. Then she would make it for us girls. When she left, she left the material for my petticoat all cut up but it wasn't sowed. I cried, I hoped the boat wasn't ready and she would have to come back.'" 

Birth Certificate

Ellis Island Manifest(1)

Ellis Island Manifest(2)

Marriage Certificate

Filomena & Edward WWII

Filomena with Mabel Flacco & Angelo Atlantic City 1941

Filomena & Rosalind circa 1929

Giacinto(Joe) & Filomena Atlantic City 1927


Filomena & Rosalind 1937

Rosalind & Filomena Atlantic City 1928

Mary, Oliver, Ernestine, Filomena, Rosalind, Maria, Barbara Atlantic City 1945

Filomena & Rosalind Circa 1929

Filomena & Barbara

Oliver, Barbara & Filomena

Filomena & Dolores

Filomena & Edward



Mary's yard Memorial Day 1964


82nd Birthday

82nd Birthday

82nd Birthday Ron, MaryLou, Rose, Donny

82nd Rose, Val, Joyce, Dom

82nd Birthday

Hank, Filomena, Rosie,

82nd Birthday

left Mary, Ann