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Filomena's Family from Giuliano Teatino

Filomena's Father's birth certificate(1)

Filomena's Father's birth certificate(2)

Filomena's 1/2 sister Angiolina's Ellis Island Manifest(1)

Filomena's 1/2 sister Angiolina's Ellis Island Manifest(2)

Filomena's 1/2 brother Silvio's Ellis Island Manifest

Filomena's 1/2 brother Carlo Nanni and mother resting place in Giuliano

Carlo Nanni & Family 1951 in Giuliano

Carlo's note on back of photo


Angiola and Silvio came to the USA and Carlo remained in Italy and is buried with their mom Rosalinda Di Cesare. When Mark and Rose went to Giuliano one of the Nanni's sons directed them. The Nanni's lived in Filomena and Ciriaco's home until recently.