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Rosie's 80th birthday was celebrated at Mark's house. Phyllis and Gary came from Texas. Ang & Doe, Bud & Theo, Val & Paul, Barb & Bobby came.  Hank came from NY! I was so happily surprised. He brought Giacinto Palumbo's (my great-grandfather) picture which is now proudly displayed on this web site and hangs on the wall watching over the web site's server. Rose told the story of how she baked a cake for her 17th birthday. Her sister Mary couldn't attend that celebration because she gave birth to Barbara that night. So glad Barbara made it to this one for her & Rosie's birthdays. Everyone stayed very late on that beautiful summer day. Good thing! Lisa & Teresa came late since Lisa was so helpful to pick up her sister who was arriving home to Newark airport from her service trip to Mexico.

Barb, Bobby, Joyce, Rose

Bud & Ang of course

Joe,Chris,Rose,Mark & Joyce

Margaret & Kim

Phyllis, Hank, Mark & Rose

Gary, Phyllis & Hank

Doe & Ang

Bud & Theo

Chris & Steve

Jen & Duane


Joyce & Margarite

Mark, Jamie & Rose

Claudette, Rose & Lisa

Lisa & John

Rose & Jeremy

Val, Paul & Joyce