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Rosalind Palumbo & Dominick DeLaurentis Wedding

May 30, 1949

Rose Adeline in Mirror

Filomena, Rose, Jean in mirror

Dora, Jean, Adeline, Rose, Barbara

Filomena & Rose

Ciriaco & Rose

Ciriaco, Rose, Adeline, Jean

Entering Sacred Heart Church

Barbara, Calvin, Dora

joe, Dom, Rose, Ciriaco, Phyllis, Mrs. Rudolph

Sacred Heart Church

Ciriaco, Filomena, Rose, Dom, Adeline, Joe

Rt. Alice(hat), Silvio, Nick, Gus

Ciriaco Filomena Rose Dom Angelina Gesuini

Tom far left sitting.

The Look on Adeline's face!

Ang & Rose

Ciriaco & Dom

Uncle Tom was with my dad when he was getting dressed for the wedding. He heard my dad yell out, “They gave me the wrong shirt. This shirt is defective. It doesnt have cuffs that work.” Uncle Tom came to dads rescue. He picked up a cufflink, folded the cuff and said, “Dominick this shirt uses cufflinks.“ This was happening at my grandma’s house, where there were many more people there than usual getting ready for the wedding. The septic system overflowed into the basement. Dad said he took care of that.  Oh boy.


Honeymoon. Dad told me these details. The plan was for a honeymoon in the Poconos.

Mom said to Dad, “did you reserve a place?”  

Dad replied, “No we dont need to.”

Mom said, “Should we bring our marriage certificate?

Dad said, “No we dont need to bring it.”

 They drove to the Poconos. Nothing was easy to find. When they did find a motel the desk person would not let them stay because they did not have their marriage certificate or other proof of marriage(1949). They had to go to the police station to get their help. Mom said she just slid down into her seat so that no one could see her. They finally got a motel room with the help of the police station. Mom told me it had a bare light bulb hanging down from the ceiling on a wire.

Dad said to me, "your mother never said I told you so."