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Ciriaco Palumbo

Born Ciriaco Carmine Giuseppe Palumbo June 23, 1877 to Giacinto Palumbo and Irene Riciutti at 37 Via Neve Giuliano Teatino.

Married Filomena D'Aurizio April 19,1897 in Giuliano Teatino.

Ciriaco Palumbo, a shoemaker like his father, left Italy the 1st time March 22nd,1906 departing from Naples, leaving his wife Filomena behind with their 1st four children (Izoletta,Giacinto,Gaetano & Ernestina). He arrived at Ellis Island April 4,1906.  He came with Filomeno Andreacola, also from Giuliano, who's name is crossed out on the ship manifest. I saw Filomeno's grave in Giuliano. He was likely denied entry for reasons unknown. Ciriaco meet his cousin Giuseppi Paolini in Philadelphia. He work on the railroad and fixed shoes. He returned to Giuliano. Maria & Alfredo were then born(4-4-1910 & 1-24-1912). Ciriaco returned to the USA into Philadelphia March 15,1912. Filomena and the six children arrived at Ellis Island August 12, 1912. Ciriaco met them with a horse and buggy. He put Ernestina on his lap and asked "have you been a good girl?"

This is what Arthur Flacco had to say about his grandfather:

"Ciriaco was a custom shoe designer in Italy. He came to the U.S. three times. When the D’Aurizio family did not agree to his marriage to Filomena, he snatched her while she was on a family outing, and kept her overnight in a nearby town, so that no one else could marry her.

    To me, he was the patriarch of the family. He had a fancy car which he parked in front of his home on Sundays. I suspect it was one-upmanship with the barber next door who had a fancy one, too. Ciriaco would wear a pinstriped vest and unbuttoned jacket his gold watch and chain, a black cravat and a soft Panama hat, and watch people go by.

    He loved opera , which he would play on an upright windup phonograph (with wooden needles), and tears glistened, as he heard the beauty of the music. On one trip to Italy, he attended a premiere performance of one of Puccini's operas."

63rd anniversary with the Andreacola's

Ciriaco with hat at beach

Ciriaco and Adeline

Pig roast picnic

Ciriaco birth certificate

Ellis Is Ciriaco 1906

Marriage certificate

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US citizen petition