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Ciriaco's Family

Father-Giacinto Palumbo: A Carabinieri A policemen/soldier who were under King Victor Emanual  

                                          A shoemaker

Mother-Irene Ricciuti A filitrice (seamstress) Irene Poalini was a widow who had a son from her 1st husband a Ricciuti

Sophia- Ciriaco's sister who came to US and married Gaetano Imprudente (also from Giuliano)

Claudice-Ciriaco's sister

Adeline- Ciriaco's sister  

Gaetano Imprudente's Ellis Island Manifest

Gaetano Imprudent's Ellis Island Manifest

Sophia Palumbo's Ellis Island Manifest

Sophia's Manifest

Ciriaco's father: Giacinto Palumbo